We are a private Priston Tale Server. We host a free PristonTale server for all to play. Fun Fair PT Server for Anyone to play. No Cost No Crap KilroyPT PT Server for Everyone

Patch 1.15.3 Now Available

We increased the level cap to 160 and added some mixes, still working out a few bugs and working hard to get new content going! stick around!

Tier 5 Server Online

Our tier 5 server is online! We hope you will come enjoy it! There are still some bugs to work out, please bear with us.

New Server Beta

We are looking for players for our beta release of our Tier 5, Secret Lab and 10 Classes Server.
Beta testing will open early to mid Jan 2017.
If you want to be involved, please register your interest on the forums!

Added Drops

We are progressing on the gameplay and server development. Level 115, 120 and 125 drops have been added to hunt maps, et2 (105/110/115 drops) and et3 (105-125 drops).
Work continues, we are currently working on higher level exp maps and will update as we progress.

Server Development News

We are progressing steadily on the new release of KilroyPT.
Some spoilers to get you all excited. Tier 5 and the two new classes (Shaman and Assassin) are expected to be ready.
Some new maps, some new gears and more!
Stay Tuned!

EXP and Level Up Event!

As we know we have some issues with some of the high level exp maps, we are holding an EXP event!

We have upped the exp rate 20% for the next week!
As a bonus, the first 3 characters to hit level 100 will recieve a level 100 Armor and Weapon in their spec!

I will be of limited contact over the next week but will check periodically to confirm the winners!

Winners will be announced Sunday 28th August!

Good Luck Everyone!

Clan Management Online!

Great News!

We have got a functioning clan management system working!

This system will allow you to view members of your clan based on the character.
AND, Clan leaders will be able to update their clan note and image.

You can access it via the account tab on the menu.

New Website Online

Good News!

As you may have noticed, we have a new website!
This new website is running on SSL and as such provides encryption.
So your registration is a bit safer now!

Please still take care when choosing a password.

This transition had caused some issues with using the launcher and with the clan system, however, thankfully they are all working now.

We are still working on the clan management and the user guide and mixing tables.

We thank you for your patience in this.

KilroyPT Online

KilroyPT is now Online! and we're excited!

We hope you will all give it a try and join in the community!

The server is in early days and currently using a shared version, we will hopefully have our own fully unique one operational soon!

Update News 12/7/16

We have edited and fixed some issues with basic armors having the wrong skins, this will be in the v1.0.2 release of KilroyPT.

We are working towards fixing a few other issues, please bear with us.

Client Game Loading Issue

We have found people having issues of the game not loading, we have found if your screen can not render the highest resolution the game will not open.

Please reduce to the next resolution level, Via the settings tab, and try again.